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Playing at a casino has never been easier than online. The quality of the gaming experience is not always there. Follow the right directions and choose your dating.

American players friends, we have created this virtual guide (which would have been very useful to us in our own beginnings on casinos) to simply help you orientate yourself. We also wanted to create a sense of community and make it easier for you to remember by choosing a name that speaks for itself. Finally, we find that having chosen a domain name ending in .casino formalizes and secures our site.

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In our Games section, you will find the classic card and table games played at the casino including video slots and drawing games such as bingo. The Casinos category will guide you to the best specialized online gaming sites and thus, you can find a provider that really suits you (best casinos for bonuses, for mobile, for 3D games, ect). Finally, you can find detailed descriptions of games and casinos in Reviews. Finally, in the News section you will find recent online game news.

Our vision of the online gaming world

Whether you choose to play for real money or just for fun, a good online gaming experience is the primary goal of any gamer. We know this quite simply because behind this guide hides a competent team. Thanks to the well-founded recommendations we give and the directions we offer, we are sure that we can truly help players. Choosing us means having access to correct information about the reality of online gaming. Take into account our own experiences, from the oldest to the most recent, on an organized scheme: this means letting ourselves be guided by a GPS for players. The right directions are necessary not to get lost in the world of internet casinos.

The games of the moment

Seasonal, transient or cultural trends: each game has its moment of glory. Some slots - which we call slot machines - are unbeatable while others go unnoticed. Some variations of roulette are hardly ever played while Live Roulette is a favorite among gamers. And when it comes to games of luck, is bingo worth it or is Keno more popular?? Find here the games that are most played online, and not only by the French.

The specialty of an online casino

Not every casino player has a single favorite game. Nor the same desires. Some players favor mobile gaming while others only want to play on casinos who excels in Promotional offers by offering the best bonuses. We then had the idea of

  • Test the casinos for each of the specialties that a player is looking for
  • Group the best in our section Casinos.

Among the different styles of online casinos, you can sort and choose for example among the top compatible casinos on mobile, as well as those who offer the best bonuses, or even to best payment methods. The list is not exhaustive because the player needs and expectations change over time and progress.

Dominance of the iconic game of a casino: the slot machine

One would have thought that with digital progress, slot machines would disappear to make way for more sophisticated virtual games. But now, the so-called slot machine, one-armed bandit or video reels is precisely what makes a casino exist. Without it, a casino worthy of the name wouldn't really be one, and virtual gaming sites have gotten it right by introducing slot machine bonuses. With at least fifty virtual slots for each of the casinos you will come across on the net, slot players can only find what they are looking for. Among the classic online slot machines, the most played such as the famous one called Book of Ra, the latest themed video slots, we also have the possibility of making free or 3D games and of easily participating in slot machines tournaments. under.

All the latest news from online casinos

Players who like to keep up to date with what's going on in virtual casinos, but also want to know everything about the latest game to be released, recent promotions and the online gaming industry in general can check out our special News section.

Diversified articles are included, for example the latest online gambling strategies used, the most popular French or non-French casinos, but also the name changes of online casinos, temporary or monthly bonuses and private offers, as well as upcoming slots tournaments. The News section has been created to allow the player to join the useful and pleasant.

About Us

Made up at the base of a small group of amateur players, our team has grown and expanded thanks to the support provided by managers of casino customers, by popular players whose names will not be disclosed and also by regulars of land casinos.

With the additional support of certain game suppliers, we have been able to carry out numerous tests on online games and casinos. We are confident that we can commit to providing you with the gaming experience that is right for you by playing on personalization. Indeed, we know that each player has their own expectations. It is precisely by betting on your desires that you will find what you need. Special dedication to each of the members forming our great team for their involvement, loyalty and ethics. Without their knowledge, experience and passion for the game, we could not have created such a truly effective guide, and one we believe in.