Online blackjack: what will your strategy be?


We guide you to the real winning strategies in online blackjack

Favoring a known blackjack strategy over another may prove useful for a very short time. However, if you want to make real money, and for the long haul, there is no secret: you need play with strategy. And who says strategy does not necessarily say known techniques to win.

The land blackjack revolution

If you are used to playing circles, you should certainly know the famous techniques to win at the casino. You surely know that the various blackjack strategy charts are distributed to players in the form of small cards or displayed in front of tables. You also know how many decks of cards are used and also know the law ‘; anti-card counting which, if you do not respect it, will result in you being banned from playing blackjack, or worse, entering the casino. With online blackjack, new tips have been born to increase your chances of winning. Old blackjack strategies have evolved without really disappearing.

Using an online blackjack strategy

To begin with, you should know that there are many variants of blackjack available at online casinos (number of decks of cards, withdrawal of 10s, etc.). Fans of basic blackjack strategy, if they wish to use this technique to win, will therefore need to find and use the basic strategy that applies to the blackjack variant in question. Indeed, each type of blackjack has its basic strategy. The same goes for online blackjack bonuses. For example, a ‘blackjack bonus'Tempting (which will certainly be given to you for free by the online casino by the way) will apply to normal blackjack games but not to progressive blackjack. This is because most of the time players will not be able to have their free bonus applied to jackpot games. In other words, we will have to play it fine and take advantage of the online game. We explain to you how to have a special strategy online blackjack.

The Most Effective Online Blackjack Strategy

Exercise and practice have always been assets in becoming better at the game. Take advantage of it; online casinos give you the opportunity!

  • The best gaming sites will offer free blackjack games, and demo mode (fun play) is going to be the best strategy in blackjack. Before you move on to real money blackjack games, practice as much as possible for free. You will thus enrich your gaming experience, and therefore your skills.
  • You will also become familiar with the different types of online blackjack games and therefore adopt a distinct strategy game each time
  • You get used to the features of the different game screens each time and can try out many blackjack casinos before you find the one you like the most, and especially the one that allows you to win your blackjack games the most often!

Defy the laws of chance with a game full of Aces

As in all casino games, blackjack odds are indeed real even if chance is also playing a part. The advantage with online gaming is that the return rate of a game to the player is either displayed or given by the site's chat service. With a few calculations and a mastery of the odds, you considerably increase your chances of winning your games. Some examples of black jack odds:

  • For example, memorize which bet will disadvantage you the most, in this case theAssurance. Be careful, players avoid it so much that Dame Chance will be a game-changer sometimes and it is always a good idea to think carefully before refusing it.
  • Arrange for the dealer to exceed the value of 21 in points (his low value cards are often good indicators). In blackjack jargon, we call it ‘Bust’And if the opponent is a victim, we win the game.
  • Ace is a dream card but with two aces it changes everything. And worse, with the 6 and 8 together our chances of buster are important. When you have such significant cards in blackjack, dare to split them to increase your luck capital (Split in English)
  • Observe the dealer's game, analyze it and learn the rules he will have to follow. This is how you will beat him. There is even a book on it, which has caused a stir, but also happy blackjack fans ‘Beat The Dealer