Craps, the most humble big table game in the casino

Craps jeu de table populaire au casino

A throw of the dice as elegant as it can be

A game of craps is fast. This is a dice game in which you roll two dice your way, after predicting the outcome, for real money.

Who wants to play craps

First and foremost, craps is an extremely popular board game abroad, even if some online casinos in the USA dare to offer it. There are two main reasons why this casino game is not very popular with us:

  • The advantage for the online casino is low (1.4% for bets pass-line), because it is a game that favors the player with its excellent odds
  • Until the advent of online gambling, a craps table in a land-based casino is expensive in staff (4 croupiers) and the turnover is therefore down. Online craps don't have to worry.

Craps and misconceptions

You should know that Craps has the same status as blackjack, roulette and baccarat. All of these casino games, including craps, are great wines. They survived ancient China, the Roman Empire, the French Revolution, the World Wars. These veterans deserve their place in the casino, and we find it quite natural whether they belong there virtually or not.

One thing all the most popular table games have in common is how easy it is to grasp the rules. Indeed, the easier it is to learn, the more we like the game. To not spoil our pleasure of playing, free online games allow you to practice without restraint. At first glance, the craps table can seem intimidating, or even inaccessible. Playing online at the casino still makes the atmosphere more relaxed because it is individualistic and the welcome is warmer.

Origin of Craps

This table game that is played with a pair of dice comes from the USA. It is generally appreciated by Europeans but is better known to American and North American players than to French casino players. Alot of frenchies are mistaken for example of the nature of the game played by James Bond in his first films, and confuse craps with blackjack. Yet, they stand out from each other, if only in the equipment. What seems complex in Craps probably comes from the bets and the settlement of the course after the first move. However, once you know the craps bets and where to put them on the stack, it becomes child's play to bet on an outcome and roll a pair of dice.

An accessible game

Anyone can play it, and most of us gladly give it a try whenever the opportunity arises. Especially those who play online at the casino, where they can get free money and play bonuses. Table games were designed precisely to add value and fun to gambling. And craps has a somewhat unique feel, a game ne sais quoi that is both exclusive and subtle at the same time that many other casino games lack. A game of craps is fun and easy. In short, a 100% raw game - and this is not surprising when you think about the cash that a pair of dice can save us in the space of a few minutes of play.

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