All poker rules

Toutes les regles Poker

Free poker games are a great asset if you want to practice before getting down to business. Tournament poker as well as video poker are very popular with star poker players and big fans of poker governor

This is probably the only game where we can bluff freely. But bluffing on the internet is proving more difficult than in land-based poker games. A quick introduction to the rules of the game and tips on how to play popular online casino poker games.

The basis for learning poker

Whether it's closed or open poker, the basis of everything is the same as any card game: knowing every poker combination inside out. While some may vary a bit depending on the type of game you are playing, learning these is the minimum;

  • Royal Straight Flush: Suite (called Straight) from 10 to Ace of the same suit
  • Straight Flush: Straight values ​​less than 10, always of the same suit
  • Square: 4 identical cards of different color. If two players have a square, the highest card in value wins
  • Full: Three of a kind (three same cards of different color) and Pair (two same cards of different color)
  • Flush (Color): 5 cards of the same color, without being of the same value (ex. 2, 6, 7, 10 and Ace: all of spades)
  • Straight or Straight: 5 consecutive cards of different suits
  • Three of a kind: 3 identical cards of a different color
  • Pair: Pair of the same value, without being of the same color
  • Double Pair: Two pairs of the same value, without being of the same color

Poker hand of each player consists of 5 cards but they receive / draw a total of seven cards. Once the betting round begins, each in turn announces their stake according to the game they have. The better his game, the more chance the player has of winning the game. He will place his bet according to that.

The online poker game

Whichever variant you choose, you will always go through two stages: dealing and changing cards. A bet is made after each of these two steps. Before the first round of the table begins, all players must deposit their starting bets, which will be added to the 'pot'. The cards are then dealt to make room for the round table. Whoever 'has the hand' (as they say) starts the ball rolling. All he has to do is click on 'Bet' to bet or 'Pass' to skip his turn. Once the initial bet is placed, subsequent players have to equalize (Call) or increase (Raise) but may well stop playing, so fold ’(Fold). The strongest combination wins the game and the pot. If two players are tied, which is rather rare, the one whose combination has the highest card in value wins.

Play poker online, but what game?

Open poker games are great for beginners as this is the very first version of the game. A classic version of poker, in which the cards are visible. If this tempts you, take a close look every rule texas hold em poker for example, because it is an open game variant.
If you prefer closed poker, look for games of Draw Poker which are accessible and playable for free, including in poker rooms (poker games with software).

No matter what type of poker you have, you have one goal: to hold the best hand. For the rest, always consult the rules of the game which must appear somewhere in a section of the game screen. In hard, you win the chips of your opponents. Online, it's more about finding the best poker variant to win, in other words which one to choose for the best luck. Speaking of variant with the best rules and odds of winning, the video poker join the game.

Video Poker, the star of online poker games

This is by examining all types of online poker that we have encountered poker in its video version. If you're more into style Live Poker, this may not be the ideal variant for you, however its knockdown rate is worth a look (97%). On closer inspection, video poker players generally agree that this is the best style of online poker. Their reasons are based on:

  • The low advantage of the casino
  • Control of the game budget thanks to the possibility of making small bets
  • Access is fast: no download video poker without registration
  • The big wins of progressive video poker (video poker with jackpot)