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Gambling and betting appeared centuries ago. Our history with gambling begins with a passion and we dedicate this site to casino games as they exist from the beginning until now.

Notre Histoire et Contenu

Make sure you have fun by letting yourself be guided to the gaming experience that's right for you

The wide selection of online casino games

In line.casino plays a role of reference, if only by classifying sites and games in the inventory of online games of chance, but much more by pilot actions ranging from analysis to the fight against casinos and comparators dishonest, including support for offers and promotions linked to the ranking of a site.

The main purpose of this guide is to guide online players to what they are looking for and to inform them about the best online casino games, including Roulette, Blackjack and details a number of slot machine games. no download and free. We also post game reviews and promotional offers so you can get off to a great start. Search for the best casino game now!

Today's Online Casino Games

Nowadays, many types of online games are being reinvented to provide an ever more new and enjoyable gaming experience. The majority of virtual gaming platforms are:

  • what we call in the jargon of ‘casinos in live’. They have the particularity of offering games with live dealers with an instant chat option such as the ‘cat roulette'
  • so-called no-download casinos. These casinos offer mobile or flash games that can be played instantly.
  • multi-play online gaming sites. Indeed, you can play on this style of platforms in single player or multi-player mode. There are also tournaments.

Play casino with friends

In line.casino also provides information on Multiplayer Table Games so that its readers know that it is possible to play online casino games with their friends or players from all over the world. Available in both a fun version and a real money version, the Multi Player tables bring originality to Casino games and allow for communicative enthusiasm.

In line.casino and its content

Our articles inform and guide casino players, whether it is for them to play hard or virtually. Our gambling casino reviews are objective, sincere and fair. We carry out various tests and verify that the answers to the expectations of the players are indeed present. Our criteria for recommending games or casinos are those of players, which does not prevent us from having a sponsored space either. Indeed, even if we agree to promote certain casinos, we do not necessarily place them at the top of our top list and give more importance to the quality of their services.

Responsible Gaming Online.casino

In line.casino adopts a game which is responsible and ensures to have a policy which respects it. The gaming environment that online casinos provide you with should be fun and positive, because gaming is after all fun and fun. This is precisely the reason why Online.casino encourages the Responsible Gaming through the many French player assistance systems also aimed at protecting them.

  • Playing is prohibited for minors.
  • Problem gambling exists: don't let it affect your life.

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