Bankroll tips, how to manage well?


Our secrets for managing our gaming budget

Bien gerer sa bankroll

 For the love of the game, let's know how to manage our bankroll

According to various studies (The world, The express), nearly 45% of French online players spend an average of 200 euros per month on online gambling.

2015 result: we soared 10 billion euros, the vast majority in sports betting and poker.

What if we learned to replenish our personal fund for a change?

Understand the rules of the game

Let's be honest; we all dream of winning big at online gambling.

It's a dream come true for many but no one can predict or control.

So of course there are table games like poker which require talent and experience but to win in games of luck style slot machines or to draw games mainly due to chance. Especially since games of chance are subject to the rules of Random Number Generators.

That being said, that doesn't mean that we have no power when playing online casino games. The way in which everyone manages their gaming budget (a.k.To bankroll) totally depends on ourselves.

Here is what we can do to keep our bankroll safe and manage it well at online casinos.

The art of knowing how to play online with your bankroll

Managing well in the game is first of all to protect yourself.

One of the most important aspects of playing online isn't safety above all else?

And playing safe on a site means first choosing a password. Or rather several passwords, because the more you have, the more secure you are on the internet.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, on our mobiles we can now save our fingerprints to use them as password. So even before securing your mobile casino account, you can already overprotect access to your mobile device.

Tea best tip to create a good player account username and password, you must use upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers. The more we choose a strange and impersonal password, the more secure we are.

Another excellent safety tip: install a mobile security application. The best security apps are Find My IPhone for iPhone and AppLock for Android. Operation is simple: you can only access an application by entering your password.

Finally, we will end this chapter with a logical but not always respected tip: choosing an honest, serious and reputable casino. Unfortunately, many of us still choose an online casino just because they offer us our slot machines favorite or who offers us an unprecedented welcome bonus. The downside with this type of choice: we earn money that will never be paid to us.

It is therefore always highly recommended to educate yourself beforehand, mainly about honest online casino guides and to consult their lists of best casinos.

It is also of utmost importance to choose payment methods known to be secure when it comes to making money transfers. Find a reliable Neteller or PayPal casino and everything will be fine.

Set a Budget Online Game

How much can we afford to lose ? This is the question to ask.

After all, playing at the casino is all about losing.

We made an article of it; click here to read it.

Know how to manage bankroll online at a casino it's all about being honest with yourself. Please note, this does not spoil the pleasure of playing! Exactly, isn't being your own challenger what is most interesting??

Throwing in the right amount of money through the right windows and for a suitable period of time: this is how to respect your gaming budget.

Let's be honest with ourselves - know how much we are willing to lose?

If we go beyond the limits that we have set for ourselves, in the end it does not provide more pleasure since deep down we know very well that we are going to pay it, and very expensive. On the other hand, sticking to the plan we have taken the trouble to establish provides unparalleled self-satisfaction. And our bankroll will not suffer unexpected loss of money.

Never mix winnings and deposits

Another way to manage your bankroll it is to differentiate the sums earned from those we have deposited.

For example, we can manage to separate them as much as possible by updating a log. Better yet, there are casinos with two portfolios (a cash money account and a bonus money account) like for example Wild sultan.

This may also seem logical to the less spenders among us, but sometimes it can happen that the wrong calculation is made between the amount of money planned to play casino games and the amount of money won. At least if that has never happened before then we cannot be tempted by keeping an account journal.

In a way, it is insurance against unpleasant surprises.

Withdraw winnings

We've all played our favorite slot machine for free at times. Why not favor this game mode rather than systematically playing for real money??

Withdrawing winnings is a great way to play just for fun. We are just taking advantage of the advantage of the online casino: play money gambling. This can save us from temptations because by emptying our casino player balance, we can afford the English lessons we really need or finance those famous vacations we really need. And at the same time, it allows us to take a good little break with online casinos.

Do not hesitate to empty your player account from time to time and use your winnings for useful expenses.

The best advice you can give to yourself is responsible gambling. This does not necessarily require external help, because before you can appeal to someone you must already be and feel responsible for their actions.

And by choosing reliable casinos that provide customizable gambling limits, you can be sure you are staying in the right direction when playing online.