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Be careful with progressive slots Betsoft casinos

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Concerns about the number of Betsoft random generators

Return of the mafia to the casino; Betsoft is targeted.

And one more scam for gamers online casinos, especially game players penny machineBetsoft progressive s.

The Betsoft case is not recent

End of 2015.

One gamer - like many others - worries about unusual cash losses on Betsoft progressive games.

He posts his thoughts and concerns on the player forums to see if anyone shares his doubts about the progressive machines random number generator.

It was then that comparative tests of the same jackpot games were carried out

  • on different sites of casino games
  • over a period of more than 6 months, on a regular basis

We would all have preferred that the anger of gamers who fell for the bogus NetEnt games, or those who trusted the mafioso casinos, get stuck or disappear.

But on the contrary, the result of the comparative tests of Betsoft progressive adds fuel to the forums fire.

Which progressive slots to watch out for?

The Betsoft jackpot slot machine game Good Girl, Bad Girl is the most criticized.

It seems that it is unreliable due to the fact that it does not pay.

If we know how to play, we know that when a progressive jackpot falls we recover all or part of it depending on the wagered limit (the jackpot being awarded only to the maximum bets).

It should therefore be said that there is a different jackpot for each bet level. However, absolutely identical game tests on the slot Good Girl, Bad Girl prove that some jackpots - of different bet levels - fall on one online casino but not the other.

So would there be a blocking of the jackpot on one site and not on the other?? The problem is worrying enough for Betsoft to explain it.

Apparently we are still waiting to understand.

Let's take a look at the case of Jason, the unfortunate jackpot winner Glam Life slot

June 19, 2016.

Jason is a player of Bitcoin casino and gets 4 free spins during a game on the slot machine Glam Life (25 paylines, 5 cents per line).

During a free spin, he decide to bet the Max Bet. He gets 5 same symbols Yatch - what makes him happy holder of the progressive jackpot.

But instead, Jason only gets 1000 credits. A very small consolation which, strangely, does not add up to what the paytable says: 200 credits x number of bets per payline.

According to Betsoft - who meanwhile gets tangled up in his explanation to a rather annoyed Jason - the full jackpot cannot be awarded because it is a free spin - and not from a normal part.

However, no condition, rule or clause stipulates that one cannot claim the jackpot from an free spin.

Let's compare the promo of the game - rather cheeky around the edges - and the screenshot of Jason that he kindly shared on the net.

betsoft promo jackpot glamlife

Glam Life Slot Jason Bitcoin casino player

Shouldn't he have pocketed the jackpot?

As it is Jason is still waiting for justice.

There is always a remote possibility that the player is not being sincere and has tampered with the screenshots, however the screenshots have not been denied by the casino - which has a record of all of each player's bets.

Non-paying game or non-compliant with the paytable?

Anyway, the only tangible claim at the moment is that Betsoft has been negligent.

Let's question the controls Random Number Generator Betsoft

For a control to be efficient and effective, it must test the results of the game and not just the numbers generated by the RNG. Betsoft claims its games are tested and vetted - and it's true. However, when we look a little at these checks, we realize that the results of the game are not taken into account in the report.

If we have no chance of hitting the jackpot, let's avoid the Betsoft progress games. At least for the moment.

We do not accuse any judgment on the Betsoft casinos, however the supplier will have to calm the growing concerns of the net. At least, we hope for the promising supplier.

Waiting for, we continue to win on the best Betsoft certified casinos like LuckLand.

Player forums are also proving this with gains in screenshots.

As for the fairness of Betsoft games, it is only questioned for jackpot games. So while waiting for Betsoft to explain, we can play slot machines without Betsoft jackpot in peace, for example Frankenslot's Monster.