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The best online casinos for their after-sales service

New online casinos are born every day.

Some platforms are doing everything in their power to stand out from the crowd by investing in an extraordinarily original design, while others will focus on innovative features.

As for us, we will tend to find our new favorite casino based on its offer of slot machines and others casino games.

But what we would really need is a efficient and competent help from customer service from our favorite casino. And this we only understand when something goes wrong.

Prevent instead of cure - that's why we wanted to evaluate the support of the most frequented online casinos.

The Importance of Good Online Casino Customer Service

The fabulous looking online casino will definitely grab our attention, but the clothes don't make the monk as they say.

Why should an online casino need so much attention to its appearance?? Take the case of Monsieur Vegas or Oscar Bianca who are addicts facelift - why are they the only ones who boast about having the best customer service (which they don't)? Instead of wasting time on makeovers and false advertising, these casinos should make us more user-friendly. For example, the possibility of finally rsearch games with filters useful and customizable, such as those in the games menu Wild sultan.

Unlike, Wild Casino to cite another example, is a little less ‘do you have me seen ’but at least he offers the search by supplier and even tells us what are the compatible games on mobile.

What makes us stay on one online casino rather than another

It's all about reliability. A casino you can count on every time.

At first we will appreciate the innovative features and the little extras of the very available assistants but in the long run many casinos disappoint.

One of the best ways to test an online casino's honesty and treatment of its players is to have deal with customer service.

Thus, we were able to test the responsiveness, efficiency and friendliness of customer assistants at many casinos. And we had quite a few surprises (although we are used to mafioso casinos).

A quick and efficient responder says a lot about the casino - especially how they deal with a withdrawal issue

The advantage of benefiting from top quality customer service? Peace of mind.

Let's imagine for a moment that you've just landed a big jackpot (for an idea of ​​how much money is online, see our last article on recent big wins ofonline casinos).

The excitement is at its height but to our unpleasant surprise we are having trouble paying out any winnings.

Who do we call on? To customer service of course. And preferably, customer service that is easily reachable and quick in its responses, for example the new certified casino Stakes who invested in a golden after-sales team.

A good technical team must

  • To listen
  • Be clear in your answers, especially if they are not in French
  • To offer effective solutions
  • To address the problem immediately in order to find a solution

A casino without this basic style of support is not worth it.

These famous assistants a little too hasty

Bad losers and bonus hunters - you won't be judged with us. However, it is our duty to warn you: know that the after-sales service of the casinos has surely already spotted you and this is the reason why you are not receiving irreproachable quality assistance. Make a few deposits without expecting anything in return to make a difference! Or read our article on the art of know how to lose at the casino.

Who has not yet dealt with a consumer service agent who systematically transfers us to another service?

Nothing more frustrating than these departments that pass the buck instead of taking matters into their own hands. Especially since having to deal with a different speaker each time does not help things at all.

Obviously, we suspect that if agents are so expeditious, it is because they certainly have too many calls at the same time. There are, however, deadlines to respect and the least of things is to know how to make us wait.

If you feel that you are not being helped and if the speakers are not friendly either, you will probably be dissatisfied with the end result anyway. This kind of experience can really ruin everything, especially as the loss of confidence is almost immediate. So while you do, take a break from the said casino and look for a better one.

Take advantage of the honesty of our casino reviews

First tip to avoid stumbling upon a disappointing after-sales casino: consult the casino ratings on different sites. A good evaluation, criticism or review will talk about the assistance to American players, for example stipulating the times at which the chat is online, tea different means of contact and the responsiveness of stakeholders.

Several ways to find reliable casino reviews:

  • You will notice first that if no weak point is mentioned, it is that the review is unreliable.
  • Second, the player reviews are misleading and corrupt, don't trust it too much.
  • Finally, check the legitimacy of the information given in casino reviews: for example on the means of payment accepted for players from the USA or on game providers available to French.

By consulting our own casino reviews, you will know which are the best certified casinos. You will know that you are in good hands.

Evaluation call center French online casinos

We have evaluated the best online casinos of the moment. This test is based only on the rapidity of responses received from customer service by email.

  • ExclusiveBet - August 2015: 15 minutes / January 2016: 12 minutes
  • Casino Stakes - July 2016: 30 minutes / September 216: 5 minutes
  • 777.be - December 2015: 15 hours 5 minutes / July 2016: 4 hours
  • Wild sultan - August 2015: 2 hours 25 minutes / September 2016: 47 minutes
  • MonsieurVegas - July 2015: 22 hours 11 minutes / May 2016: 26 hours 16 minutes
  • LuckLand - February 2015: 2 hours 2 minutes / September 2016: 32 minutes
  • VegasCasino - March 2015: 5 hours 9 minutes / June 2016: 51 minutes
  • Wild Casino - November 2015: 9 hours 7 minutes / July 2016: 1 hour 8 minutes
  • Oscar Bianca - October 2015: 21 hours 55 minutes / September 2016: 45 hours 4 minutes
  • Lucky31 - June 2015: 2 hours 13 minutes / August 2016: 4 minutes
  • 7Red Casino - September 2015: 18 minutes / September 2016: 8 minutes
  • Red Slots - June 2015: 2 hours 4 minutes / June 2016: 4 minutes