Winners are happy to lose at the casino


Are you a good loser?

dame au camelias

The art of knowing how to actually play online at a casino

Estimate money no more and no less than it's worth.

Those who know the lady of the Camellias have learned the lesson.

As for the others, we give them the best advice in the world:

Before accusing the casinos (the best - of course) to get lost, make sure we are enough mature for accept all the consequences that the game can have.

Bad luck, series of bad luck, bad beat... Let's call it what we want, there are days when the earnings are not there.

Why is fate against us?

The first and most important rule of the game is to know how to lose.

Unfortunately, most players start playing games slot machines in real money without understanding this rule - and thus, they find it extremely difficult to overcome loss of money.

There are many kinds of sore losers. Some who prefer to stay in search of a solution, others expose the slightest problem that has arisen and the more extremists do not hesitate to insult the staff of the casino on which they - this time unfortunately - did not win.

There are also those who like to fantasize about software corruption. You know those dear game providers who bend over backwards to keep distracting us.. And this, as much on a terrestrial scale (Novomatic) than virtual (NextGen, NetEnt, etc).

Conspiracy theories, threats, and casino boycott incitement are rife on the forums. We will note that these are never from former casino staff. No, they are always born from players who have lost more or less big.

The unfortunate part of this is that most sore losers, caught up in a whirlwind of anger, ignore:

  • attempts to help from forum administrators and online game guides,
  • proposed solution andassistance
  • advice on a possible gambling addiction - which is still a reality.

Denial is a human and even instinctive reaction, serving to protect us from trauma. Being in denial is therefore obvious and logical when you don't know actually how to play casino.

Still, accepting the good sides of the game as well as the bad - that's what being a player is.

Choose to come out of denial rather than stay there, this is a first step towards good basics to be a real casino player.

What we forget to talk about: the game and its GOOD sides

Take the Poker as an example, because although slot machines are our favorite in online casinos - playing involves all types of games.

The poker pros will say it and repeat it; good mental preparation is vital so as not to sabotage ourselves. It is therefore always appropriate to:

  • define his intentions and match them with his deeds before we sit down at a table for a game of poker, do we play to win or for fun / experience ?
  • To be in condition to achieve his goal. Aperitifs that last all night and a lack of sleep will certainly not help our goal.
  • To be realistic about the goal that we have, quite simply. And to know if our goal is really achievable, it is important to to base we past successes and of progress in this sense - which does not preclude having high goals.
  • To know all the ways that lead to the Victoire. In poker for example, for each variation of poker its playing strategies (playing conservative, aggressive, etc.)
  • Training, also known in casinos as the gaming experience. For example, poker players who are preparing for next poker event watch videos to observe their opponents' playing habits, work on how others perceive and guess them.

The art of being positive and controlling your thoughts

The human being has an absolutely extraordinary mental capacity.

And everyone has had negative thoughts at least once in their life, especially during so-called 'bad luck' times.

Already, no one wants to hear the misfortunes of losers - it doesn't allow us to cherish the sweet dream of winning the jackpot.

Besides, what's good about shouting from the rooftops that you're unlucky ? That wastes our energies and influences our mind. Wrongly blaming the dealer is not a solution. The solution is within you. And this one too can be worked on.

If we can't control luck, let's control our reactions and decisions about it

To say to yourself that you are unlucky is to sabotage yourself.

If you have a firm belief that you are not under a lucky star, eventually you will make sure to get to this point.

However, our thinking process is also impacted by negative thoughts.

For example, a card game player who thinks he is unlucky will think that his opponents have found their suit. So it's going to be based on the fact that they're going to bet if the flush comes in at any point. And the fundamentals of the hand then ? What does he do with it?

The way we see ourselves leads us to opportunities, so it's up to us to make sure we are positive.

Tips and tricks to stay in a good spirit of play

Negativity puts us in a particular emotional state and often this state lasts. So much so that it will affect the outcome of our games.

And if we are not necessarily the loser immediately in the game, we are in the throes of becoming one. It is important to bounce back quickly and apply the tips and tricks that change the way we think.

Here are some techniques to avoid being won over by negativity.

  • Remember the best gaming times you've had during the day, whether it's winning, having fun, or discovering a new casino
  • Relativize on the part of the game that was not satisfactory, thinking about the previous ones that paid off or the nice exchanges with other players for example.
  • Take the time to savor your best moments of the game and think back to the sensations experienced
  • Don't give in to superstitions. For example, changing tables after losing a game of cards or thinking that you have found your lucky hand. On the other hand, replacing prayers with decision making in a game has never won anyone.

Play positive and good luck!