Casino payment methods

More and more, the French online casino player does not have it easy. Due to the various regulations that affect us, a good number of gambling sites refuse us registration and complicate withdrawals. Fortunately, we have a few trustworthy casinos who strive to find new future best payment methods.

As the best payment methods disappear from our favorite casinos, new deposit and withdrawal methods are starting to emerge. The best online casinos do as quickly as possible to share them with us, we tell you which ones.

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Outdated regulations and best available payment methods

It is time that we denounce the deposit and withdrawal limits imposed by some online casinos, which no longer correspond to current events affecting payment methods.

If an online casino accepts a specific payment method, they should be able to accept that same method for both deposits and withdrawals. That’s the logic. But in practice, the collection of winnings is not done via the best means of payment, or the most suitable. This is particularly the case with prepaid bank cards or top-up cards such as CashLib.

We still hope to be able to withdraw, one day, from an account e-wallet that would be linked to the same prepaid card company. As it happens, NeoSurf launched the card Neocash which allows us to cash withdrawals and store our money in an electronic account. CashLib has also done it, with the MasterCard CBLib which allows you to withdraw cash. We just have to wait for our favorite casinos to become CBLib casinos.

Our emergency exits

Entrance doors are plentiful, especially when you are newly registered at an online casino.

Although we no longer have the ability to make Neteller deposits, replacement e-wallets like Papaya, Upaycard Where MyNeoSurf are slowly starting to make their appearance among the best payment methods ofonline casino. The big question is, do they perform as well as Neteller?.

At most online casinos, the terms of use state that a withdrawal will be made through the payment option used to make the deposit. However, if you choose to deposit on your player account with a prepaid ticket, withdrawals via prepaid card are rarely accepted. To avoid being tempted to replay the winnings, know manage your bankroll and ask the casino for a solution immediately.

It is therefore vital for any casino player to inquire about the online chat support before making their first deposit. Some French casinos even still display the PaySafecard and Neteller logo even though they no longer accept these two payment methods for a long time. All the more reason to do your little investigation.

Extended but cheaper payout of winnings

Although the payment methods we are accustomed to are increasingly restricted in online casinos, there are several ways to prevent our withdrawals from suffering.

In this case Neteller allowed instant but expensive deposits and withdrawals. Today, e-wallets like MyNeosurf Where Papaya offer slightly longer withdrawals but at least the fees are minimal, or even non-existent.

Some online casinos offer their players to withdraw winnings at partner casinos. This is for example the case with Casino777 which offers winners to withdraw their winnings (applicable ceiling) in land-based gaming establishments Spa Casino in Belgium.

Other sites allow withdrawal via bank transfer or re-credit winnings to cb, pending the addition of new withdrawal methods.

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2017 - New prepaid bank card limits

French residents who bought a prepaid bank card on French territory (or who received it at a French address) will soon be limited in recharging and spending.

In terms of confidentiality, nothing changes. The restriction measures described above have the sole purpose of combating the financing of terrorism in the USA. A prepaid bank card is one of the best anonymous payment methods and no one will judge you for buying with your prepaid bank card on the internet.

Non-French residents will only be affected by the European Directive (unrestricted use up to $ 2,500).

To avoid these restrictions, all you need to do is provide the intermediary with identification and proof of address, something we already do to recover our earnings.

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Best prepaid bank card comparison

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