When will there be better Neteller alternatives to the online casino??

Best online casino payment methods

Back to school 2017 came without Skrill Neteller or Paysafe, so online casino players forcibly relied on credit cards and transfers for their withdrawals, as well as on prepaid cards to make their deposits. Question e-wallet new alternatives are starting to emerge but when you look closely there is not much to choose from.  

Tea best sites are keen to see their most loyal players return, so the favorite online gambling sites of the French live to offer good Neteller alternatives to the online casino, but in fact still few of them are really suitable for us.

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Will 2017 be the year of the new payment methods alternative or not?

Even if PayPal is one of the most widely used online payment methods, this solution is unfortunately rarely offered to French online casino players (CasinoBlack and USCasino have been trusted French PayPal casinos for example).

So we were interested in the Neteller electronic wallet, whose operating principle is similar to that of PayPal. Unfortunately the group Neteller, Skrill and Paysafe finally let go in December 2016. Results; we hardly have any French Neteller casinos to play on.

While waiting for a solution to be found, we are therefore opting for new Neteller alternatives to the online casino.

We tested the most common, and found that few are really suited to us.

Main pros and cons of Neteller

With Neteller, we had the ability to make our deposits and withdrawals in the same way.

Although at first we were wary of the electronic wallet, we got used to using it and it has become so convenient that it has gained millions of followers.

Anonymous, secure and free for a while, it was enough to

  • Go to the site neteller.com in order to register for free and open your neteller account.
  • Once your account is activated, you deposit, withdraw and transfer funds. Instantly.
  • To make a deposit with NETELLER, all you had to do was go to the "Cashier" section and click on "Make a Deposit", next to the logo
  • You then enter on the secure page which displayed the amount to deposit, as well as your Neteller Account Number / Email and your Authentication Code / Secure Identity Number.
  • Finally, you clicked on Deposit now ’and your player account was credited immediately.

It was a good time, and we want to come back. Today the use of Neteller is refused or even banned in most French certified casinos and the costs of using Neteller have become astronomical. This is why no site covers Neteller fees any more and they care about offering a few Neteller alternatives to the online casino.

Cashlib and CBlib (Epro group)

The prepayment solution Cashlib and Epro are great alternatives, anonymous and fast. Especially since the MasterCard CBlib was created by the same company, withdrawals are now allowed in cash at ATMs.

All that's left is what Cashlib casinos like Vegas Casino, number 1 of the moment, accept CBlib withdrawals

Read The VegasCasino Review

CashLib is a deposit method above all, reputed to be reliable and secure. As with any prepaid internet, mobile or phone booth card, you buy in cash (online or at tobacconists) and then make a deposit in the form of a coupon (ticket, voucher).

Tea vouchers CashLib are going from 10 $ up toto 250 $ and it is quite possible to multiply them up to an amount total of one thousand euros.

Offered by the EMP group - also owner of EPro - its use is just as practical, discreet and simple as that of PaySafe. EMPcorp got a Award rewarding the company which, in 2015, provided the best payment solutions. Moreover, many American players already have a CashLib account and their opinion on this Neteller alternative to the online casino is positive (although we are seeing slightly longer payment terms).

E-wallet Papaya

This is what we were missing; To e-wallet to store our money and transfer it freely, without being accountable to anyone.

As in the days of Skrill's much-lamented, anonymity is preserved and deposits and withdrawals Papaya are carried out in safety. In fact, one of the best French gambling sites, Wild Sultan, has become a Papaya casino.

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Created in 2012, Papaya struggles to make itself known to French casinos because the site is not translated corn Papaya Limited is recognized and authorized by the financial authorities of Malta (Malta Financial Services Authority) as an electronic payment solution company. The company is therefore based on the island of Malta.

In partnership with MasterCard, it is linked to the group IDT Financial Services Limited, based in Gibraltar. Fees apply for any transfer of funds, but they are minimal compared to other e-wallets. What makes Papaya one of the best Neteller alternatives to online casino.

Before getting a new Papaya e-wallet, check the costs and fees in the section page Fees and Limits, you will see that opening a customer account is free and that the Bank transfers to your Papaya wallet are free (against 5% by credit card).

NeoSurf (MyNeoSurf)

Those with a Neosurf account have the king's choice: prepaid card, electronic wallet and debit MasterCard.  The map Classic Neosurf allows customers to buy on all partner sites (card at 15 euros, 30 euros, 50 euros and 100 euros).

When on the menu NeoCash MasterCard plasticized, it allows you to withdraw and make purchases online or on land, as with the Net card+.  Please note, some online casinos do not accept it, even if they do accept Neosurf, so always check with the online chat assistants.

Finally, the e-wallet MyNeosurf allows you to store your money, don’t buy Neosurf cards online and you can also credit it. The different means accepted to fund your Neosurf account are checks, transfers or credit card. You can even transfer Neteller and Skrill funds there, but it won't be free.

The solution UpayCard

The UPaycard wallet is just as reliable as Neteller and is also in partnership with MasterCard, so there is nothing new.

We register and open an Upaycard account for free, we can transfer funds on their Upaycard wallet via MasterCard, Visa or UnionPay (1.2% fees), Bitcoin (4.9%) or by simple bank transfer (free).

And of course, we can cash out thanks to UpayCard withdrawals accepted by any holder of wallet Upaycard: by bank transfer ($ 10), from an ATM or by money transfer (1%).

2 Main means of withdrawals via UpayCard:

  • The Upaycard MasterCard Virtual can only be used online is accepted on websites that accept MasterCard.
  • The UPayCard MasterCard can also be used in land stores and can be used to withdraw our money from the cash dispenser.

Exbet is one of the few sites that offers this real Neteller alternative to online casino - Read the Review

The Bitcoin wallet

The digital and encrypted payment unit BTC is struggling to be adopted by American players, and the reason is simple: if we can buy litecoins and bitcoins quite easily, the procedure for withdrawing in bitcoin is still complicated. And the level of bets (especially at Live Casino) has become much too high since the value of bitcoin has risen to Thousand Euros. It is therefore necessary to find casinos that adapt the level of bet of all their games.

However, bitcoin casinos are more and more numerous and apparently this currency is the future of online gambling. So this cryptocurrency set to revolutionize the way we make online payments. Bitcoin payments are quite secure, besides being fast and free, so online casinos are increasingly switching to bitcoin but in unregulated countries players are charged up to 10% fees, deducted directly from their withdrawal.

To download your bitcoin wallet the safest choice is Blockchain. If you are looking for a trusted site where you can buy bitcoin, go to Coinhouse (accepts cb, prepaid cards and Neosurf tickets) but always expect to be charged commission fees regardless of the site.

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