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The interest of this Privacy Policy is to allow online to know how certain data and information is used and protected and to know their rights vis-à-vis this.

Warning: Internet use does not guarantee the confidentiality and security of transmissions in full. Any message or information that you transmit on a linked or third party site may be read or intercepted by others if a special notice specifies that a data transmission is encrypted (telephone number, for example) . We recommend that you consult their privacy policy and learn about the data protection available to them.


Any User of the Site accepts the terms and conditions contained in this Privacy Policy. In reserves the right to make changes which will apply as soon as they are published.

By continuing to use the Site, you adhere to this entire Privacy Policy, to General Conditions and Legal Info including their possible updates.

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Information and technology processing

In does not collect, store or use the name, password, address or other such personal identifier that you enter in the Contact Form. However, the Online uses Cookies in limited quantity and time. Indeed, does not require extensive use of cookies since the Site is not a gaming platform.

There is no reason to be suspicious of our use of Cookies and each is valid for a limited period. Cookies are used by for the purpose of:

  • Track the frequency and number of visitors,
  • Optimize the response time to a sent question,
  • Generate anonymous statistical data,
  • Adapt advertising campaigns and measure their effectiveness,
  • Limit the display (especially in pop-up) of an advertisement or promotion,
  • Track repetitive visits to the Site and linked sites

All about cookies

You should know first of all that when you visit a website, it uses in the majority of cases Cookies. These are small text, software, or image files that are placed and stored on your device.

If you have adjusted your browser settings to allow cookies to be saved, cookies for pages and their content may be stored temporarily in a space dedicated to them on your Terminal.

The reason for storing these cookies is to enable the website in question to:

  • recognize and report your visit to a particular page
  • recognize and report the advertisements you have clicked on
  • know what is the type of your browser (Google chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.)
  • know what your IP address is, in particular to locate you geographically
  • save the information you have entered so that you do not have to re-enter it

Some sites use it to personalize your browsing according to your preferences (adaptation of content, improvement, and connection security). Either way, any website receiving your information is subject to data protection laws and has a duty to treat it confidentially.

To learn more and control all kinds of cookies, even those we do not use, we suggest that you contact the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (website available).

Our Cookies Policy

The cookies we mainly use are basic and performance cookies. No information allowing you to be identified is collected. The only information collected by our cookies is aggregated, therefore anonymous, and is only used for the purpose of improving the website in relation to your use of it. These cookies also give our affiliates, linked sites and Third Parties the possibility of knowing whether you have accessed the Site from their site and whether, following your visit, you have used a service or a product.

Cookies from Linked or Third-Party Sites

Certain Third Parties or linked sites may have recourse to the issuance of Cookies from certain advertisements, sections or other areas of the Online The information collected by the latter therefore, which may include elements such as location data or contact details, are governed by their own confidentiality charter. We do not control cookies from Third Parties and linked sites and therefore advise you to consult their terms and conditions regarding confidentiality, cookies and any other technologies they use.

Acceptance and User Rights

By continuing to browse, you agree to our use of cookies and accept the deposit of cookies on your terminal. You are completely free to reverse this decision by disabling cookies for free from your browser options, whatever its type. Note, however, that disabling cookies on our website may prevent you from using certain parts of the Site or may result in degraded functioning of our services. This choice, which is personal to you, is made at your own risk and its consequences cannot be considered to be our fault.

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