Here are the Best Online Draw Games

Long banned and condemned, lotteries have managed to make their way among the most played games in the world. From numbered tickets and turnstiles of the 15th century to the legal national lotteries of 2010, we are moving towards a virtual global version of the raffle games.
Who does not remember the school raffles organized during the end of the year party?? And the evening lotto or keno draw on TV? Also, we have all already filled out a lottery slip, whether it is the old lottery grids or more modern versions like Euromillion or Amigo. Here are the best online draw games, which we are most fond of.

jeux de tirage online bingo


Keno is a game of choice, and this for many people, especially for American players who associate it with a simple and fun lottery game. Almost as many of us are waiting for the keno draw as the lotto draw. If for you French lotteries and others are entertaining, you will love Keno. It could be compared to slot machines, because the automatic play features are similar and the intention to hit the jackpot is there.

This ancient Chinese game consists of a grid or several grids of 80 numbers each. The player must choose between 2 and 10 numbers and once the selection is completed, the drawing of the numbers begins. The draw of the 20 numbers is completely random and the more numbers you have coming out, the higher your winnings. You play it effortlessly, other than focusing on the outgoing numbers and it's a lot of fun and easy to understand. In addition, you can bet small, or even opt for free keno. No wonder playing keno online has become common across the world.


A game with a connotation of entertainment for the elderly in retirement homes. The image that runs through our heads at the mere mention of bingo is as follows: a table of players with their hands full of bingo grids, equipped with an arsenal of giant markers, ready to cry out 'BINGO' to the moment when the last outgoing issue completes the series. This stereotypical view of bingo is somewhat unfair, as bingo has now become somewhat of the public domain. You only have to watch the ads on TV to realize this.

A bingo game features playing cards with 25 numbers in each grid. The smallest bingo game contains a single column of 25 numbers in 5 horizontal rows. Multiple bingo has 75 numbers in 3 columns with 5 horizontal rows each. The drawn numbers are announced one after the other and you must see if they appear on your grids. As soon as you have all the numbers in a horizontal row, you win a prize. If you have 2 winning rows, you win even more, and so on. In order to be the lucky one with the absolute power to say 'BINGO' and walk away with the jackpot in your pocket, all the numbers on the grid must match the numbers in the draw.

A bit of strategy

Our bingo or keno gambling behavior? For most of us: rather thoughtless even though with all due respect we adopt responsible gaming. It must be admitted that the fact of filling only one grid for each draw while being tempted by a small scratch card along the way will divide the chances of winning more than increase them. It is indeed rare to play, especially the very first time, by filling out our very first grid without it being random. Corn which says drawing game and game of chance don't say there is no strategy. There is two ways to strategically play draw games:

  • Make predictions (probability calculations, math-based techniques)
  • Imagine combinations that aim to reduce the stake

Finally, we can slightly increase our chances by skipping a few laps. For example, we will make sure we play the biggest keno or bingo prize draws or we could make personal estimates on the likelihood that an outgoing number will emerge.

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