Bingo: a game rich in history that requires a player's soul

Italy appointed him gioco del lotto. In the USA, we refer to it as a lottery or drawing game. Even if since the beginning of the 90s the players of these two European countries have faced the ban on online games, the birth of illegal sites and the shortfall are gradually leading us towards a more flexible legislature concerning the game.

Bingo is very popular with Italians who have known it for a long time since it first appeared among them in 1530. Playing bingo in Italy became legal in 2007 and its success continued unabated, which suited the state in times of crisis. French bingo players contribute in part because we play around fifty million euros each year.

Bingo is a game of luck. It is one of the best lottery games and remains one of the favorite entertainment of the French. It brings together a huge crowd of players from all over the world, all levels combined. Now in 2016 you will find bingo games that you can play for free or for real money at any online casino - especially at French and Belgian casinos.

The following pages are dedicated to bingo, and you will find everything you want to know about the game and especially what you need to know before sitting down to play it. We will trace the history of this classic drawing game and analyze its rules, strategies and variations before concluding with a selection of the best bingo casinos for those who want to play online.

Bingo: from 1500 until 2016

Entertainment in Italy had many ups and downs from 1530 until 2016. The game really started to stand out from the crowd in 1800 and that was when it became a real success. For its part, the USA had already launched its own lottery, which was also successful worldwide; The Lotto. The reputation of this game is well established, especially since it has become a tradition in our dear country with its 27 squares divided into 9 columns. A traditional game that continues to evolve since it is now found everywhere, from the back of cereal boxes to the selection of games on mobile or tablet. Modern bingo takes the old board games as a model but is designed in a slightly different way. This is a cardboard box that is usually made of 5-column by 5-row grids with 24 numbers, although you will find other variations with for example bonus numbers.

You should also know that bingo was used in the tool pass for teachers because in some countries such as Germany. Indeed, children learned grammar rules and certain math exercises faster and with more enthusiasm thanks to bingo. This apprenticeship system became seriously popular during the 1800s and is still relevant today. Many teachers even use French variations of the game in kindergarten classes to help children learn animal names

The American dream of Bingo

Who says states of America says business, and it was precisely in the gaming industry that he made his debut on the continent. A businessman Edwin Lowe who sooner or later expected to see his toy business collapse was fortunate enough to have the curiosity to understand where a flashing light was coming from on the horizon, during traffic jams in one night in December in 1929. He made the detour that marked the turning point of his life. The crowd of people lit by a strong spotlight turned out to be in fact a huge crowd of players around a U-shaped table covered with numbered boxes and dried beans. In the middle stood a man who was randomly drawing numbers from an old box of cigars. If one of the players had this number on their grid, a dry bean was placed on the numbered square. The first person to have a dry bean line, vertical, horizontal or diagonal, had to say ‘Beano’(Bean = bean) and won the prize which was a baby doll, therefore a children's toy. This immediately appealed to dear Lowe who had also noticed the thrills that the game caused in the players that night the. The businessman saw the potential of the game and felt that it was a winning move. He made his fortune by launching the game of Beano which was quickly replaced by Bingo (same concept but easier to pronounce)

Online casino bingo. As popular as the good old original version

Bingo is still so famous today. We are wrong to confuse bingo with Keno and to associate the game with entertainment for seniors (with the image in mind a group of old people, crowded like sardines around a village festival table), because no other game is able to seduce everyone ages. Also, 75% of bingo players belong to the 25-65 age group. Social networks, mostly frequented by young people, do not hesitate to offer games and apps bingo and mobile bingo is booming.

You can take a close look at all successful games in all their forms, variations and kinds: online bingo is, from afar, the most popular entertainment nowadays. It remains to be seen whether there are more real money bingo players or more free online bingo followers.